Fairies visit Arrowhead

visiting fairy 6-29-17a

The fairies are all over the front lawn and on the piazza at Arrowhead.

In 1856, Herman Melville wrote a short story, “The Piazza,” while living at Arrowhead. In this tale, the narrator believes he sees fairy lights on Mt. Greylock.

And this recalls my inland voyage to fairy-land. A true voyage; but, take it all in all, interesting as if invented…

Indeed, for a year or more, I knew not there was such a spot, and might, perhaps, have never known, had it not been for a wizard afternoon in autumn—late in autumn—a mad poet’s afternoon; when the turned maple woods in the broad basin below me, having lost their first vermilion tint, dully smoked, like smouldering towns, when flames expire upon their prey; and rumor had it, that this smokiness in the general air was not all Indian summer…

Fairies there, thought I; some haunted ring where fairies dance.

This is artist Michael Melle’s latest creation at Herman Melville’s Arrowhead!  www.michaelmelle.com

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