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Captain Ahab garden gnome

Captain Ahab visits Arrowhead

Captain Ahab in the form of a three-foot tall, 40 pound, bright yellow, wooden fisherman/wannabe pirate captain!  Geeg Wiles will have an exhibit including the famous garden gnome, starting July…More

Melle fairies 6-5-17a

Fairies visit Arrowhead

The fairies are all over the front lawn and on the piazza at Arrowhead.

In 1856, Herman Melville wrote a short story, “The Piazza,” while living at Arrowhead. In this tale,…More

Carol and Kathy with fairy house 2017a

Fairy Houses!

This year Arrowhead will feature “Enchanted Berkshires: Where Fairies Dance” with a full slate of programs and exhibits. A key piece will be an exhibit featuring one-of-a-kind, artist created Fairy Houses.  The…More

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