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The Berkshire County Historical Society has had a long flirtation with publishing. From its magazine "Berkshire History" with its scholarly articles through its most recent book, I Will Never Forget...: Memoir of a B-26 Pilot, it has endeavored to record for posterity those items of local relevance which could have been lost forever. Herman Melville has not been ignored and in recent years an accessible biography (Power of Place: Herman Melville in the Berkshires) and a collection of his last writings (Weeds and Wildings, chiefly; with a Rose or Two), many of which reflect his connection with Arrowhead in Pittsfield, have been brought out by the Society. Two volumes of a cookbook with recipes gathered from Berkshire chefs, cooks, and housewives have been published, along with new poetry created at Arrowhead and a play about the history of female employment in the region's mills. It is part of the mission of the Berkshire County Historical Society to make available additional volumes pertaining to all the factors that make up our rich cultural history. Between the bound covers of books and magazines is where the Society intends to keep our rich history alive. Many of these are available through our shop, which can be visited online here

Weeds and Wildings Chiefly: With a Rose or Two

Colonel Ephraim Williams: A Documentary Life

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